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Scott Peterson

Profile Updated: June 4, 2018
Scott Peterson
Scott Peterson


Scott Peterson


Scott Peterson


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In:
payson, UT USA
Anna Petersen
General Contractor
First marriage ; Jessica 1/28/88
Steps /
Beau, age 27
Casey / age 24
Richard / age 21
Brendan More…/ Age 19

Moved to Florida in 1980 after High School and a bit of tech college , went to school there and became a communications engineer 12 yrs , got into home building soon after and moved back to Utah in 1995 just before my father past from cancer , I have been here ever since and now am still a contractor building homes and commercial offices and remodels . Love the outdoors and ski , bike , golf , swiming,hiking etc... Am introducing new line of golf clubs to the market this summer of 2013 , hope they are a big hit .

School Story:

I moved to Utah just as I was starting high school , I went to Provo high for two yrs then went to timp view high for my senior year which I destroyed that year pretty well as I thought there were more important things to do than study and go to class , Missed picture day missed graduation day and had to finish my schooling later as I figured that I would need a diploma before any tech school or college would allow me in . I havnt seen or heard from only a few of the class mates that were in those years of school since , Hope everyone that is still around is well and healthy .

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