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Connie Bradfield Waterman

Profile Updated: January 7, 2011
Residing In:
Carmichael, CA USA
Rock Waterman
Singer/Songwriter, Speaker and Writer.
Richard-born 1981, Amy- 1984, Michael- 1986.( Amy has given us our 4 wonderful Grandchildren! Levi-8, More…Adrianna- "Andi" 7, Taryn-4, Nathaniel- "Nate"-7 mos. )

We moved 14 times in our 1st 7 years of marriage! We have moved only 4 times in our 24 years in California. (5, if you count moving from apt.#9 to #8, because it had a ramp for my wheelchair.) This is why, I am sure it was so hard to find me!

I am very sad that I missed our 30th reunion! It looks like you all had a wonderful time- after looking at the pictures! I miss so many of you, and I am so glad that I have been able to reconnect with you on facebook!

I really hope that I will be able to attend our 40th reunion!

I really love being with my family! I made a "Demo" C.D., that really has actually been sold as a regular C.D. very well. I modeled for 5 years after my wonderful marriage to Rock Waterman. I ran 3 Hotel/Motel/Lodges, before I got sick.

I never have let my illness run my life- of course there were definitely some very hard days-weeks! I have remained a hopeful person. I home-schooled our 3 children. This is one of my proudest accomplishments! My kids are all BRILLIANT!!!

My oldest son is a junior manager at e-trade, but he just graduated with his (Fast track, 18 month) Bachelor's degree in accounting. (This is a tough time to be a stockbroker! He was over the entire retirement division when the stock market took it's huge hit- hence the new degree!)

I loved speaking and singing for groups- especially young people. It is a tough time for everyone, but I believe that there is ALWAYS hope!

My hubby and I graduated from a wonderful program in Utah, called Impact, in 2007! It has truly changed our lives, beyond belief. I am thankful for this everyday.

School Story:

I will never forget our wonderful Senior assembly, written by Andrea knell Draper.

I was very sick with bronchitis. I wrote a song to end this very serious "play", called "Goodbye Friend". By the day before I was to sing my song, I had full blown laryngitis. The day of the assembly, my Doctor gave me a BIG shot of antibiotics and told me not to use my voice for a week. (I was never very good at being told what to do! lol!)

I have never prayed so hard in my life. Up until the very moment I was to sing, only a tiny "squeak" would come out of my mouth. I remember when the time came to sing, I felt an incredible "energy" around me and then go into my body. When it came time to sing, even I was shocked at how clear my voice came out!

The wonderful little miracle lasted until the song ended. The second the song was done- my laryngitis returned. The tiny squeak was back.

I have many funny, sad and proud moments from my High-school days, but I will always remember 2 things. The day of this beautiful assembly and my little miracle, and the many wonderful, loving and amazing friendships I still treasure to this day.

High-school was a rough time, made great by REALLY great friends. Thank you ALL, my friends, for the memories!

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